Do not use your scarce resources to analyze our prophecies – Bishop Agyinasare to the police


The founder and chief pastor of Perez Chapel International, Bishop Agyinasare, has warned the police department against its decision to analyze the prophecies to determine potential violations of the Directive against Scary Prophecies.

According to Bishop Agyinasare, the Service should not use “its scarce resources to try to analyze our prophecies”.

The police department, in a statement dated Jan.6, said that several footage from Dec.31, 2021, at crossover services is in its custody and that anyone found guilty in the videos submitted for analysis will be brought to court. .

In a sermon on Sunday, Jan.9, Bishop Agyinasare said police were trying to legislate on prophecies, adding that the police might end up trying to dictate to pastors what they can and cannot preach. An act against which he spoke out.

“If we are not careful, very soon they will analyze our sermons, tell us what to preach … So I want to warn the police administration that they have done their best. They told us to be careful with our prophecies which cause danger and panic. They should please don’t want to legislate on prophecy because they don’t have what it takes to legislate on prophecy, ”he said.

He insisted that such responsibilities fall on “spiritual people” and promised that “we will make sure there is no confusion.”

Meanwhile, Bishop Agyinasare noted that the police were right to warn pastors about prophecies that cause fear and panic, especially those involving notable people.

According to him, the New Testament in 1 Corinthians 14: 3 considers prophecy as “building up, exaltation and comfort”

On December 27 last year, police in a statement warned religious groups and religious leaders to be measured in their prophetic statements ahead of the December 31 night call duty.

They urged religious leaders to ensure their prophecies do not infringe the rights of others and the public interest.

“We therefore wish to caution all Ghanaians, especially religious groups and leaders, to be measured in their statements, especially in the way they communicate prophecies, which may infringe the rights of others and the public interest, ”the Service said.

Many, including the Chairman of the Charismatic and Pentecostal Council of Ghana (GPCC), Rev. Professor Paul Frimpong Manso, have welcomed the Service’s directive.


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