The 2022 cleaning supply chain forecast is uncertain


As any commercial cleaning company can tell you, 2021 continued to be a tough year for cleaning product supply chains. Predictions as to whether 2022 will be better are hard to come by.

Supply chain experts agree that the global economy could suffer if products are unable to move more freely and predictably around the world. New technologies can help in this process. Michael Wilson, Vice President of AFFLINK, a Distributor Member Organization, offers insights on supply chain forecasts and trends to look out for next year:

  • Autonomous vehicles will become more common in the supply chain in 2022 as they prove their value in reducing costs and improving logistics. Wilson thinks self-driving trucks will likely be more mainstream than self-driving cars within the next year or two.
  • Although most drone deliveries in 2021 went to consumers, drone delivery to the commercial and industrial sectors will increase significantly in 2022.
  • Robots, which have already entered the supply chain industry for several years, will play a greater role in the supply chain from next year due to lower robot costs and increasing technological advancements.
  • Sustainability has been a supply chain trend for a few years, but with the recent Glasgow 2021 climate change conference, expect sustainability to play an increasingly important role in the supply chain. , for example thanks to electric trucks.
  • Expect greater collaboration between suppliers and distributors in 2022. “Ironically, the many supply chain issues we encountered in the past year brought suppliers and distributors closer together,” Wilson said. “They realize that greater cooperation can help reduce costs, improve deliveries, meet the changing needs of end customers, overcome difficult times and improve sustainability.”


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