Christine Gianopoulos: Unvaccinated people consuming scarce resources


State Representative Randall Greenwood is among the lucky people who have recovered from COVID, thanks to the efforts of those who cared for him in hospital (see Sun Journal, ‘Wales Lawmaker Comes Out of ‘hospital after COVID-19; still denounce the vaccine ”, November 17).

Many others were not so lucky.

Based on his own “research”, he is concerned about the potential side effects of the vaccine. But he was willing to trust the science of ventilators, the other drugs and treatments he received, costing tens of thousands of dollars. His hospital costs will be paid by all of us through his taxpayer funded health insurance.

While those vaccinated are hospitalized with COVID, they are in the minority. Unvaccinated people consume limited health care resources and cause delays in care for people with serious illnesses.

Christine Gianopoulos, Greene

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