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The president of the National Council of Trade in Provisions (CNCP), Julio Pérez, said that in the agricultural sector the supply of products is guaranteed and that as an organization its members will maintain the required inventory in their commercial establishments. to ensure their distribution.

The business manager indicated that the CNCP and its 74 affiliated associations and more than 2,000 small, medium and large warehouses and importers have a commitment to the country to guarantee the supply of products from the family basket.

“We can ensure that in the agricultural sector, the supply of the products of this line is guaranteed, with satisfactory production, such as rice, onions, beans, garlic, articles, among others,” he said. he reiterated.

However, Pérez argued that products in this line that are imported have shortages, due to the ocean freight situation.

“At present, the high costs of the products correspond to the high demand for them, after we have started the process of economic recovery, and the inability to meet these demands, due to the situation that exists in with regard to international commodity prices. , plus sea freight, also taking into account the end-of-year holidays, and seeing that different sectors around the world are facing the same problem of scarcity, such as the automotive, electronics and fertilizer industries, ”he said.

Pérez said CNCP is confident that the situations currently affecting business activities will be overcome as soon as it is possible to establish and increase global production, as several factors are decisive in achieving this.

“Our commitment to Dominican families is to guarantee the supply of the products of the family basket, for which we will maintain the required inventory in our commercial establishments and will thus be able to guarantee their distribution”, he explained.

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