Choose sourcing strength, resources and reach with TricorBraun WinePak



Choose strength in supply, resources and reach. Dedicated to providing reliable customer service, award-winning custom design and unparalleled access to the highest quality packaging from national and international sources, TricorBraun is
expanding to continuously provide you with the best support in the industry.

Visit our booth at WIN Expo to chat with a packaging consultant about our global and national offering of in-stock and bespoke glass wine bottles, caps and stoppers.

We’ll help you find the best package to tell your brand’s story and help you overcome any supply disruptions.

Speak to a WinePak expert today.

TricorBraun WinePak
WIN exhibition stand: 208-210

TricorBraun WinePak is a leading packaging distributor supplying a wide variety of packaging components for the wine industry. With locations across North America, we provide access to the highest quality glass of wine and spirits from multiple national and global sources. We also offer private and in-stock molds, full decorating services, caps, STELVIN® closures, reconditioning capabilities, enhanced design and engineering services, as well as the best in sales and customer service support. Of the industry.

Exhibitors presented by WIN Expo by category:

Business Management

Human ressources






Production services


Tasting room

Vineyard / Growth

Vinification / Onology

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