Economic recovery will be stifled due to lack of supply


Construction will stop in a few days unless the government allows Auckland to immediately distribute supplies to the rest of New Zealand, Master Plumbers said.

As of today, construction work can begin in these regions at level 3. However, current rules mean that Auckland warehouses cannot distribute products unless deemed essential.

Master Plumbers, Gas Fitters and Drainers General Manager Greg Wallace said the government has put time and effort into getting the construction industry back to work at Level 3, but has failed to open up an essential supply chain.

“Businesses and retailers tell us that in some cases supplies will run dry within three to four days. It’s hardly surprising when we know that Auckland’s warehouses stock around 97% of the construction supplies in the city. New Zealand, and businesses south of Mumbai are being told they have to wait to get them.

“We have 21 pages of protocols outlining how businesses can operate under Level 3, but it’s a complete waste of time if you don’t give those businesses access to the supplies so they can do their jobs. really a Clayton opening of the job. “

Wallace says the government is telling New Zealand that the construction sector is an important part of the country’s economic recovery, but that it is erecting major hurdles to get the job done.

“The economic recovery is going to be drastically stifled if businesses don’t have the supplies they need to operate. This will have an effect on anyone wishing to do construction work, from homeowners wishing to renovate their bathroom to major commercial developments. Ultimately, the delays will end up hitting homeowners and homeowner alike. ”

Wallace said the government has said it is exploring options to resolve the supply issues, but there needs to be immediate action.

“The government is catching up by trying to remedy unworkable policies. Now is not the time to have a talkfest. The answer is right in front of them – let Auckland supply the rest of the country in a safe way.

“We understand that there will be delays under Level 4 protocols with reduced staff allowed to work. However, opening up the supply chain in one form or another is better than nothing at all. ”

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