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The Free SHS secretariat says high school principals should be blamed if their schools have not yet received full supplies under the free SHS policy..

According to the national coordinator of the secretariat, Mr. William Darkwa, the purchase of items was dealt with on two levels.

The first, classified at the central level, concerns the supply of items by the SHS Secretariat free of charge, while the second, the school level, involves the supply of items by the heads of the SHS.

Articles under both levels

In an interview in Accra, Mr. Darkwa said that the central level items, including physical education kits, exercise books, basic textbooks and technical drawing materials, had been sent to the various principals. regional education authorities in August of this year so that school principals can take delivery. of their articles.

He said the items to be purchased at the school level were school uniforms, dressing gowns and school clothes.

“For school uniforms, schools make agreements at their level, so they actually subcontract suppliers to make these deliveries for them. So, if in the current state of affairs, the schools still have not been provided with their uniforms, dressing gowns and school rags, then the chiefs should be held accountable, ”he said.

Mr Darkwa said schools were given carte blanche to identify their own suppliers and agree with them when they could deliver.
He was, however, convinced that most schools had now received their supplies both at the school level and at the central level.

Collection of central level items

Shedding more light on items purchased and supplied centrally, Mr. Darkwa said all SHS heads were aware of arrangements in place to collect their supplies from regional education directorates.

“Thus, based on the number of registrations, schools should go to their regional education directorates to take delivery of their articles,” he explained.


Mr Darkwa said what the secretariat did was wait for suppliers to submit their invoices, which the secretariat would use to compare with the received stock voucher (SRV) from schools for payment.

“The stock voucher received tells us what the school store actually received,” he explained, adding that it was possible that a school planning to enroll, for example, 800 students might have some. actually enrolled 600 students.

Mr Darkwa added that previously suppliers were required to supply schools directly from the central level, “but this year we have changed the way we do our operations. For the notebooks, notebooks and physical education kits, suppliers were brought in to deliver them to the regional education directorates ”.


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