Edwards Elementary won’t let lack of supplies stop them



Edwards Elementary, located near Lamb Boulevard and Bonanza Road, is home to the Eagles, but they face two big challenges. 90 percent of its students are English language learners and 100 percent are eligible to receive a free lunch.

“These students need more than the core curriculum,” said principal Emily Petosa.

13 Connect Supplies For Success: Teacher Supplies Campaign

They need passionate teachers. When Petosa figured this out, she made a hiring surge across the country.

Susan Fortin moved to Edwards from a school in New Jersey after 25 years of work.

“I love it here, really. The staff, the administration, the kids,” she said. “It’s just a great place to be.”

With the tough demographics in Edwards, the teachers are doing things a little differently here. They focus more on building character. Every day children hear four simple words: friendship, integrity, courage and perseverance.

But to expand their program, teachers and staff need your help. They try to collect uniform shirts and school supplies.

Patosa and Fortin say they have tried contacting groups across town for donations, but so far without success. They hope your donation will fill the void they were looking for.

For students here, a simple pencil and maybe a notebook can make all the difference on the first day of school on August 13th.



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