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Almost all movements of your cash related to bank accounts are recorded and later become part of the CI. Therefore, if you plan to take a loan or bank loan in the future, you should be attentive to your financial obligations.

Of course, this also applies to the payment of utility bills. Judge for yourself how this is useful information for lenders. Payments must be made on a monthly basis, fines are charged for timely non-payment, hence their presence already indicates the degree of responsibility of the potential borrower.

Pay in time for housing and communal services

Pay in time for housing and communal services

The public utilities had been given official permission to transfer information about tenants in the CIA. First of all, we are talking about those who have not paid their bills for a long time and ignore company calls. But it’s also worth saying that the authorities are planning to legalize the transfer of positive data. This should help to increase the financial responsibility of the citizens of our country.

From the beginning of the previous year, across the country, the ABC accepted data on 20 thousand people who for a long time did not pay for the services of housing and utilities organizations and received a negative status. An approximate calculation was made two weeks ago and it turned out that the total debt to all such citizens amounted to almost 1 billion rubles. Moreover, each malicious defaulter owes on average 50 thousand rubles. It will be very difficult for these people to get a loan from an MFI and even more difficult to take a loan from a bank.

Representatives of the National Bureau of Credit report that the presence of negative records related to non-payment of debt for utility services, and even more so if it came to court, should play a key role in assessing the borrower. This means that it will be impossible to receive credit funds, the creditor will have the full right to refuse to sign the contract. At best, the worst conditions on the loan will be provided – a high interest rate, a smaller amount, a longer period, and more.

Also, we must not forget that if a record appears in the credit history (positive or negative) it will be in the document for 10 years. Consequently, even after 5, 7, 9 years, you want to take a bank loan, you can be denied this, despite the fact that all your debts have already been closed and you yourself have long forgotten about this situation.

How to take a bank loan in this situation?

How to take a bank loan in this situation?

If you have received such an entry in a credit report, it will be quite difficult to prove to the creditor that you are a responsible person and are attentive to your financial obligations. Perhaps there was an error – then you need to collect the necessary documents proving your rightness and always attach them during the request for a bank loan.

If there is no such possibility, it remains only to stabilize the situation

If there is no such possibility, it remains only to stabilize the situation

Increase trust in you – on time, and even better, make all payments on any accounts in advance. In addition to utilities, do not forget about the payment of electricity, gas and telephone (including mobile). Periodically check your credit report if all positive records are not recorded in it – keep documents confirming that you have become more responsible. After a year or more, banks must change their mind about you and soften the conditions.

In addition to the mandatory payments, it helps to take a loan to improve credit history. After all, any official lender is required to provide information about their borrowers to the bureau.

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